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Financial Services

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GDPR compliance

Do not risk to pay 4% of your turnover or 20M € fine GDPR and be sure to protect the data of your customers.

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Preserve your benefits

Be sure that only the recipients of your files access the information. Your job does not look your competitors.

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Protect your reputation

A single leak can irreversibly damage your reputation and expose you to significant direct and indirect financial losses.

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Based on confidentiality and nurtured by trust

Financial services are three times more likely to be targeted by cyber attacks than any other organization. It's a universal challenge: The more collaborative your company becomes, the more difficult it is to control valuable information.

Using Seald within a business is truly amazing. Finally safe! Zakaria Lagel, CEO @WeSave
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A proactive security model

Protecting your competitive advantages, intellectual property
and your relationships with the industry should be a simple and secure process.

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Track your data

A complete and granular monitoring starts after having secured your files. You will know exactly where and how they are consulted.

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Access control

Dynamic rights management and access control to secure sensitive customer data and block unauthorized access.

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Customer data protection

Seald follows the guidelines of NIST and ANSSI on encryption. Your data is protected using the AES-256 and RSA-4096 algorithms.

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No installation required

Recipients can open documents without installing the software or create new credentials or passwords.

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